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President Harry S. Truman

About Sephardic Jews...

My late spouse was Sephardic. His ancestry dates all the way back to Barcelona, Spain, and his family spoke Ladino (Spanish). This article from the World Jewish Congress digest caught my eye:

"The World Jewish Congress welcomed a recent agreement between Spain's Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport and the Federation of Jewish Communities in Spain, aimed at combating anti-Semitism through education. FCJE is the representative body of the Spanish Jewish community and the WJC's affiliate in the country.

The Agreement for the Eradication of Anti-Semitism will be implemented by the National Center for Innovation and Educational Research... a body which operates under the auspices of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport and focuses primarily on the training of primary and secondary school teachers. Educators will be trained in key subject areas including how to teach the Holocaust, promoting the cultural and artistic heritage of Spanish Jews, and combating anti-Semitism and other forms of intolerance. Teaching staff will also learn about the importance of Israel-Diaspora relations and gain a better understanding of current issues such as the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

The president of the FCJE, ISAAC QUERUB, said, 'Thanks to this agreement, Spain is today a global example of commitment in the fight against anti-Semitism and other forms of racism, bias, or religious bigotry. We, the Spanish Jews, are deeply grateful and proud of the courage of the government to take such a brave and necessary step.'"

(On behalf of myself and my sons, I, too, am deeply grateful.)

Remembering Jewish history...

On May 2nd, 1945, President Harry S. Truman signed Executive Order 9547 to Prosecute Nazi War Criminals. It reads:

"Associate Justice Robert H. Jackson is hereby designated to act as the Representative of the United States and as its Chief of Counsel in preparing and prosecuting charges of atrocities and war crimes against such of the leaders of the European Axis powers and their principal agents and accessories as the United States may agree with any of the United Nations to bring to trial before an international military tribunal."

Cinema Sundays...

Attention 39ers and movie lovers: On Sundays at 2 p.m., movies are shown in the Maitland JCC Senior Lounge, including both classics and new releases. Refreshments are also available.

On Sunday, June 17th the movie will be "Life Of Pi" starring Suraj Sharma.

Meet & Mingle Mondays...

(I love to meet and mingle and... oh never mind.)

On Monday, June 18th beginning at 1 p.m. SHELDON BROOK will present a video titled "The Jewish American Part V." There will be refreshments after the presentation.

(Sheldon Brook always comes through with terrific videos. I won't miss this one!)

Winter Park Playhouse...

In their next Spotlight Cabaret Series, CHRISTOPHER LEAVY will present "As Time Goes By..."

The Winter Park Playhouse Spotlight Cabaret Series will feature their own very talented Music Director, Christopher Leavy, Wednesday and Thursday, June 20 and 21 with his newest solo cabaret-"As Time Goes By"...which is a nod to the World War II Stage Door Canteen style sing-a-long show.

The Winter Park Playhouse is located at 711 Orange Avenue, Suite C, Winter Park.

Christopher Leavy

For ticket prices and other information, phone the box office at 407-645-0145 or email to http://www.winterparkplayhouse.org.

(This sounds like the good music...none of that Rap crap! As I write this column I am preparing to leave for a gig in Chicago... with none of that Rap... I hope!

One for the road...

"Oy, is my Harry a deluded man," says Renee to her friend Sharon.

"Why do you say that?" asks Sharon. "Harry doesn't seem to be different from any other married man."

"That's just it," replies Renee. "Harry acts just like other husbands. For example, whenever he takes our kitchen rubbish out to the garbage bins, he tries to give our neighbors the impression that he's just finished cleaning our entire house."

(Sound familiar?)


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