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Nancy Ludin

This report really upset me...

I read this in the World Jewish Congress digest and pass it along to you:

"The World Jewish Congress decried the United Nations Human Rights Council's recent adoption of five resolutions under Agenda Item 7 accusing Israel of human rights abuses and violations of international law in the Golan Heights and Palestinian territories. (I visited the Golan Heights some years ago during the Yom Kippur war.)

'The U.N. Human Rights Council has once again let its biased and obsessive focus on Israel plague its session with its persistence of a standing agenda item dedicated to accusing Israel of wrongdoing and the adoption of a disproportionate number of resolutions containing blatantly one-sided language,' said WJC CEO and Executive Vice President, ROBERT SINGER.

Singer praised the states that voted against the various resolutions, chief among them the United States and Australia, which rejected each text, and welcomed the forceful statements against item 7 by both of those countries and the United Kingdom, saying, 'The World Jewish Congress is encouraged by the growing show of support from certain friends and allies of Israel, and urges this council to take heed of the warnings issued as to the discriminatory and biased focus of this agenda item. Those who recognize the unfair nature of this very item should vote against it time and again to strip it of any legitimacy once and for all.'

Particularly 'absurd' among the resolutions, Singer said, was the text blaming Israel for the so-called 'suffering' of Syrian citizens in the Golan Heights. 'Israel has shown nothing but goodwill to both the Syrian Druze residents of northern Israel, who enjoy full and equal Israeli citizenship and civil liberties, as well as to the more than 3,000 wounded civilians treated in Israel since the beginning of the Syrian civil war.

The very content of this resolution is preposterous and absurd. This council would do well to shift this misguided condemnation away from Israel and back to the Syrian government where it belongs.' Singer welcomed the strong opposition shown by European Union States against the Golan resolution, noting the significantly higher number of 14 out of 47 rejections of this text compared to 3 last year.

I salute "Orlando Magazine's Woman of the Year"...

She is NANCY LUDIN! (and I'm not surprised!)

To the 1,500 Jewish residents of about 74 senior living centers in Central Florida, Ludin helps provide an ongoing connection to their spiritual and cultural roots.

Seniors also enjoy regular visitors, entertainment and special events.

A Jewish Pavilion volunteer herself, Nancy Ludin oversees 400 volunteers, fundraises, and does marketing and event planning for the nonprofit. Ludin also visits the sick and cooks for the homeless through her synagogue.

I love Nancy Ludin. She is a genuine human being, a caring, loving person. Any chance she could run for #46 in 2020? I would surely vote for her!

Another gal I love...

Congratulations to my beautiful granddaughter, LAUREN NICOLE YOUSHA, on graduating from New Trier Township High School recently and being accepted to Vassar College in upstate New York. She is the daughter of Dr. STEVEN YOUSHA and Dr. JESSICA GOLUB of Wilmette, Illinois.

Lauren was a member of the Honor Society, the Illinois State Scholars, Departmental Awards, modern and classical languages and also the water polo team. I am so very proud of her!

Shout Out...

On my birthday last week, my middle son (the psychologist who keeps threatening to Baker Act me) and his terrific wife (also a psychologist) treated me and my friends to dinner at the Outback Restaurant in Winter Park.

Our wonderful waiter, TAYLOR BYRD (also very handsome) and his adorable and loving manager, AMBER CRAPPS (who made sure we were very happy) deserve a shout-out for their excellent service!

(Despite of my advanced age, you made my birthday very special. Thank you.)

Speaking of happy...

Lauren Yousha

"Willy Wonka" will be presented by Camp J Theater on Sunday, July 1st, 2pm-4pm

Watch as Camp J: Musical Theater, in partnership with Theatre South Playhouse, presents Willy Wonka! VIP Tickets, $15 each (first three rows assigned seats; 42 available); General Admission, $5 each (open seating; 180 available). Contact AMANDA DENNIS at 407-621-4049. (Att: ROBBY ETZKIN, I want to go!!!!)

One for the road...

Benjy was showing off again. He says to Shlomo, "I've just bought the best hearing aid money can buy. It cost me $3,000, but it's state of the art so it's worth every penny." 

"What kind is it?" asks Shlomo. 

"A quarter to twelve," replied Benjy.


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