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Race & Law

On Sunday, July 10, the Holocaust Center presents a program titled Race & Law, from 6 p.m.-8 p.m. at the Holocaust Center.

Hitler believed that as a group, Jews were racially inferior to the Aryan people. It was this belief that led to the development and implementation of the Nuremberg laws. What constitutes race? Are we as different as we believe? How are race and law connected today? Join us for this discussion as we explore the intersection of race and law in Nazi Germany and the lessons it holds for today.

To register to attend, visit http://www.holocaustedu.org/events/all/race-law/

Book Club: "The Room on Rue Amelie"

July 15, from 2 p.m.-3:30 p.m., the Holocaust Center Book Club will discuss "The Room on Rue Amelie."

"More than seventy years ago, countless ordinary citizens in Occupied Europe stood up to the Nazis by becoming members of Resistance networks, designed to smuggle at-risk people to safety. In international bestselling novelist Kristin Harmel's The Room on Rue Amélie, out now from Gallery Books (Simon & Schuster), we meet one such crusader, Ruby Benoit, an American woman in Paris who helps save downed Allied pilots and also protects her beloved next-door neighbor, a Jewish teen named Charlotte. Join us as we discuss Ruby and The Room on Rue Amélie, an epic love story that Publishers Weekly says "hammers home the message that each person has a unique opportunity to stand against injustice. This is a celebration of those, like Ruby, who found the courage to face life head-on."

To register and to purchase the book, please visit http://www.holocaustedu.org/events/all/book-club-the-room-on-rue-amelie/

Both events are free and open to the public. Registration is requested and early arrival is advised.


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