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In my last column I tried to reduce some 5,000 years of our history to less than a thousand words. I apologize for the gaps.

So, now let us turn to the “Palestinians.” If you search history you will find that the land that is today Israel did not have a formal “Nation State” prior to the Israelites coming in from a long desert trek.

There were no “Arabs” living there. The “Arabs” of the time were basically wandering Bedouin nomads. Before Israel, the land was visited by the Phoenicians and Greeks as they built routes for trade (and war). By the time the Jews were done roaming through Egypt for 40 years (where was Waze when we needed it) the land was held by various tribes descended from the Greeks and Phoenicians who settled there.

When the Babylonians put an end to the First Jewish Commonwealth and took the elite of Israel back to Babylon, we lived in exile and took the time to write the Torah as the Rabbis took the oral history and wrote it in Aramaic. We were repatriated by the Persians and slowly the Hebrew language emerged.

So, we had two of the lynch pins of a people: A language and a land. Hebrew has similarities to Aramaic and other languages of the Middle East—It figures. There were no signs of any “organized” Arabian Society. Wandering Bedouin Tribes - absolutely. They traded with various permanent societies and robbed and pillaged some of the same.

Arab Tribes grew and populated most of what was known as “Arabia”. Their language was Arabic. They each had their Kings or Sheiks—But, unlike European Royal Societies, there were no “planned marriages” to further Royal political plans. The Tribes had their customs and their own laws and existed on trade, war and slavery.

Then along came World War One. It involved the French, the English and the Germans. One wonders to this day how WE got sucked in. So, you are asking—what does this have to do with Arabs and so-called Palestinians? Read on.

In a strategy to secure the Middle East and its oil potential, the British government sent a young British Diplomat named T.E. Lawrence to Arabia to get the leading figures there: Emir Faisal—head of one of the most important Bedouin tribes and Hussain Bin Ali, the Sharif of Mecca to join the British cause.

Lawrence was to promise them a nation of their own in all of Arabia IF they would help defeat the Germans. For what happened I refer you to the film “Lawrence of Arabia.” If you have not seen it—do.

As you know, the Allies won a pyric victory and never gave the Arabs their nation—just a strip of desert that became Saudi Arabia (and guess where most of the oil turned up?).

BUT: What Faisal and Bin Ali managed to do was to unite the Tribes of the desert into one massive force. For the first time there was peace between the major Tribes of the Desert. So, they intermarried—more wives than husbands, of course.

Today in the scattered kingdoms, dictatorships and open areas of the Middle East you have a common language, Arabic - the first “must have” to become a “People” and various Sects of Islam—but no definitive separations genealogically. So what’s the point? THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A PALESTINIAN. Those who live and lived in what is now Israel were Arabs. Their DNA is shared with Arabs throughout the Middle East.

There are Jews today who can trace their lineage back to the Second Jewish Commonwealth—Pre-Roman Times. THEY have DNA - the Arabs of Israel, Lebanon, Syria, etc. share DNA. They are the descendants of Tribes that roamed the Deserts and never, except for the Egyptians claimed a national heritage.

Until 1964 when Yasser Arafat—a Tunisian or his minions found a name and created the “Palestinian People”.

Were there Arabs throughout the Middle East from biblical times on? Of Course. Did they have ideas of Sovereignty? Nationhood? Not until 1964 when Arafat got an incredible PR idea and began to spread the Big Lie. He did a good job. That does not make it fact. So did Goebbels and Hitler. Arabs? Millions. Palestinian? There is no such thing.


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