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Fool Us once... (Warning, spoiler alert!)


Our favorite hometown magician, Kostya Kimlat, was once again on Penn & Teller’s Fool Us television show on Monday evening, July 16.

Did he fool them once again?

Kimlat did a card trick that involved catching a selected playing card while the cards are falling down in a cascade that magicians call a “dribble.” He told the Fool Us audience that he has been practicing this trick for 17 years.

“It’s the hardest trick I do. And I wanted to do it one time when it mattered most, so that I would never have to do it again,” he said in an email to his friends and fans.

But alas, Kimlat did not fool Penn & Teller the second time around. Penn acknowledged that Kimlat is so quick and precise that his slight of hand is impeccable.

Still, this viewer wonders, “how did he do that?”


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