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The golden calf of the Democratic party


Dear Editor:

Sometimes we need to go backwards in our history and time in order to proceed so that we may obtain a clearer understanding of the total chaos and disorder of this present day in America.

Our country is divided. We are no longer a ‘People of One Nation Under G-d with Liberty and Justice for All’ but we have emerged into two separate divided parties and peoples. Danger. We are being dragged into following a golden calf!

It appears Democratic values demand total abandonment of all past biblically founded principles such as law and order, justice, sound judgment, understanding, respect and wisdom and are furiously looking for ways to ‘get at them’ the Republican party, at all costs, thereby resorting to anarchy, violence, stalking and outright unreasonable actions and thought processes.

The Republican party on the other hand appears to be desperately holding onto righteousness, law and order, sound values, direction and G-d given principles! Did it ever occur to people that as in the days of Moses, many of the Israelites did not want Moses for their leader? He was a former prince of Egypt. Moses did not appoint himself but was chosen by G-d to lead Israel through the wilderness. After Moses came down from the mountain with the Ten Commandments, the people rebelled against him and built a golden calf and said No! We will do it our way! This is what is going on in America today! We have out and out anarchy, rebellion and intolerance for this presently elected Administration and have emerged into mob mentality and rage against our president!

Great. Is this what ‘We the People’ signed up for? I don’t think so.

I truly believe we ALL need a Bible lesson to see the truths that are unfolding before us today in this divided land. Many today want to stand in the president’s shoes and give their undiluted opinions of how America should be run (i.e., the immigration system).

Did it ever occur to the Democrats that our president could have been chosen by G-d for such a time as this? Well, you may say, NO WAY! Because we have strayed so far away from decency, law and order in this beautiful land called America, it is clear that the democratic party have become a hysterical mob so filled with their party’s disappointment and denunciation of this sitting president that many democrats are currently recklessly resorting to every evil trick in the book to get around having to come to any agreement with this Administration.

The open disrespect for our president then defies all reasoning. Instead of supporting him and taking a trusting ‘let’s see’ attitude, we want to lynch everyone around that disagrees with our political persuasion. One columnist has even written as a footnote; ‘If you wish to respond by ranting and raving, please go into your bathroom, lock the door and shout your brains out’. Is that because you already know you are standing on my foot and breathing fire and brimstone up my nose?

When people leave the path of sound understanding, justice, mercy, tolerance, and laws we then dissolve into muddied water and can no longer see our way clearly. There are too many issues dividing this country right at this present day in time. We must trust that our current leadership through G-d is the right president for this time and season. It is not only the Administration’s decisions that divide us but the way we have pulled back from following the tried and true pathway. If we truly want a decent country with a righteous president and ‘Justice and Mercy for all’ we need to get on our faces and pray to G-d before it is too late!

Sylvia Pagano

Winter Springs


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