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Israeli troops save life of Palestinian baby in Hebron


Israeli Border Policewomen stationed at the Tomb of the Patriarchs in Hebron.

Israeli Border Police operating in the city of Hebron on Sunday night saved the life of a nine-month-old Palestinian baby.

The troops, stationed at the Tomb of the Patriarchs, heard shouts coming from a house situated near the holy site. They rushed to the scene to find an unconscious baby boy whose face had turned blue and whose family was extremely distraught.

The troops began to administrate CPR as an Israeli medical team arrived at the scene, and the baby's breathing was finally restored.

The baby was then evacuated for further medical treatment.

The Border Police commanders praised the troops for responding rapidly and professionally.

Not the first time

"This is not the first time that Border Policemen have provided medical treatment to Palestinians in the areas they operate, and this is in accordance with values the troops are educated on, the values of human life and helping your fellow human being," the police stated.

"Despite the complexity of the missions and the areas in which the Border Policemen operate, the troops operate to ensure the safety and security of a variety of populations with no distinction between religion, race or gender," the police added.

This incident is by no means a unique instance of Israelis providing Palestinians with medical treatment. Israeli hospitals and medical teams have a long track record of treating Palestinian patients.

Israel and the IDF regularly offer medical services and expertise to Palestinian care providers and patients, in many cases free of charge.

In July 2015, the IDF established an entire reserves company with the sole mission of providing medical care and humanitarian assistance to the Palestinian population.

IDF medical teams and Israeli civilian emergency units from communities in Judea and Samaria regularly treat local Arabs, often after car accidents, for a broad array of ailments and injuries. Walking to an IDF checkpoint or to the front gate of an Israeli community for medical treatment is common practice among Arabs living in the Palestinian Authority-administered territories. During some months, Israeli medics treat more Palestinians than Israelis.


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