'L'dor v'dor' always at the Jewish Pavilion


Susie and Mark Stone, with his mother, Sylvia Stone.

The Jewish Pavilion strives to include the family members of seniors in its local facilities so that they can engage in Jewish Pavilion life with their loved ones. We always wish to invite family members to our programs, as they are wonderful opportunities to bring children and grandchildren together with their elders and continue celebrating our meaningful and rich traditions, together.

If you have any elderly family members in a living community here in Central Florida.. Please reach out to us at The Jewish Pavilion so that we may include you in our programs. HIPPA Privacy Laws prohibit our organization from obtaining family contact information via the facility. It is our goal to practice "L'dor v'dor" and to continue to connect family and generations through learning and love. 

- Judy Appleton, program director of The Jewish Pavilion 


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