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Chabad Hebrew Schools bring joy of Judaism to children


August 10, 2018

Children begin learning at an early age about the symbols of Judaism.

Preparations are in full swing for the new academic year for the four growing Chabad Hebrew Schools in the Greater Orlando area.

"Chabad Hebrew School is a warm and loving place," said Jenn Nero, who sends her son to Chabad Hebrew School in North Orlando. "My son doesn't want to miss a day."

"The students come in with a smile, leave humming a Jewish song," noted Chanshy Majesky, director of CHS of North Orlando. "We share the warmth and spirit of Judaism in a real and tangible way, and the children feel it."

Each CHS location is run independently, but all four locations integrate a hands-on and in-depth teaching approach.

"We offer an affordable educational experience where your child will enjoy acquiring a solid foundation in Jewish education in a positive atmosphere," said Rabbi Amram Hoffer, director of CHS of Greater Orlando in Maitland.

Hebrew reading is taught using the acclaimed Aleph Champ motivational reading program, which clearly defines achievements and goals with color-coded levels like in karate.

The newest Chabad Hebrew School recently opened in Winter Garden by directors of Chabad of South Orlando Rabbi Yosef and Chani Konikov, who already run a growing Hebrew School at their main Chabad center on Sand Lake Road. Parents in Winter Garden who were not being serviced approached Rabbi Yosef and Chani and requested a second branch in their area.

"Our goal at Chabad is to service every Jew. We want to bring Hebrew School and the joys of Judaism to as many kids as possible," said Chani Konikov.

The attendance year to year at Chabad Hebrew Schools worldwide is going up. More and more branches are opening in cities across the globe. In Orlando this year there are over 100 children enrolled for the coming school year.

Chabad Hebrew School is for every Jewish child, from kindergarten to bar/bat mitzvah age, regardless of affiliation, religious observance or prior knowledge. Membership is not necessary. To register and for more information contact the Chabad Center closest to you.


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