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September 28, 2018

Robin Williams

Will it ever end?...

I read this in a recent edition of the World Jewish Congress (WJC) digest and pass it along:

"The World Jewish Congress strongly condemned photographs that emerged recently in Bulgaria showing two boys at the Bulgarian Cup Football finals with neo-Nazi symbols scrawled across their chests.

'The WJC stands with the Organization of Jews in Bulgaria, Shalom, in categorically condemning the disgusting and cynical exploitation of children to spread messages of hate and intolerance,' said WJC CEO and Executive Vice President ROBERT SINGER.

Bulgaria has made enormous and welcome strides in recent years to fight anti-Semitism and has shown strong support and friendship for the Jewish community. It is disturbing and provocative incidents like these that demonstrate the critical need to raise awareness of the ongoing reality of anti-Semitism in sports.

As we have seen far to often, what starts on the football pitch can quickly escalate to dangerous levels of hatred and violence.

These trends are precisely the reason that the WJC has partnered with Chelsea Football Club to combat the widespread phenomenon of anti-Semitism in sports."

Remembering Jewish history...

On Aug. 8, 1942, Gerhart Reigner, then secretary general of the World Jewish Congress, sent a telegram to alert the free world of Germany's "Final Solution." With this irrefutable proof, he pressed the United States and British leaders to take urgent action. (Had he not sent the telegram, would we have lost more than the six million?)

JCC 39ers...

On Cinema Sunday, Sept. 30, the movie, "The Angriest Man In Brooklyn" starring Robin Williams will be shown.

The show begins at 2 p.m. in the Maitland JCC Senior Lounge. Refreshments will be available. (I am living here in Central Florida for more than 54 years but still have my Brooklyn accent??)

More JCC 39ers...

On "Terrific Thursday," Oct. 4, beginning at 1:30 p.m., there will be a book review directed by LOIS LILLING in the Senior Lounge. The book title is "Orphan's Tale" by Pam Jenoff.

Jewish Pavilion Mensch...

The staff of the Jewish Pavilion give special thanks to TERRI FINE who has been leading services for the Jewish Pavilion for many years.

She is especially known for conducting an incredible seder annually at Brookdale Island Lake that is attended by 150 residents and their family members.

Terri also leads a wonderful Shabbat service each month at The Mayflower in Winter Park. Most of the time, she is accompanied by her husband, fabulous musician PAUL STENZLER, who also leads services well and adds a musical element.

Frequently, a senior calls the Jewish Pavilion and asks NANCY LUDIN, the CEO, who is conducting services for the holidays? When she tells the person that it's Terri Fine of Terri and Paul, the person responds with enormous enthusiasm!

Terri and Paul have become well known for their talents and personalities. They are also greatly appreciated for their skills in creating and leading meaningful memorial services.

(It's great to have in our midst, wonderful, talented people who give so much of themselves!)

A beautiful venue...

I refer to the magnificent Allegro, Inspired Senior Living, 2701 Howell Branch Road in Winter Park. If you have been there, you know just how beautiful it is, like the finest of hotels!

Recently, Allegro hosted a luncheon for the Red Hatter's Sassy Group.

(Luckily, I am a member of that group!)

I never ate such delicious food. (Sure, it had calories, but who cares? It was beyond delicious.) The talented chef was ALLEN SHELTON. (I want to marry him!!!! Also, thanks to BRIANA BURDETTE, senior living adviser, SEICHE DOGAN, assistant director of dining services, and our wonderful waiter, FELIX. (My buddies, DORIS PINES, a member of our Jewish community, JUDY COTTER and I want another invite!!

(Please! Please! Puleeeese!!)

One for the road...

One day, Joshua the scientist announces to his colleagues, "I don't think we need God anymore. Science has finally discovered how to create life out of nothing. We can now do what God did 'in the beginning.'" 

As everyone starts to shake Joshua's hand, the voice of God is clearly heard. 

"Oh, is that so, Joshua?" says God. "Please do tell me all about creating life." 

"Blessed art thou, O Lord," says Joshua. "I can take soil and form it into the likeness of You, and then breathe life into it creating man." 

"Well Joshua, that's very interesting," says God. "Show me how it's done." 

So Joshua and his colleagues go outside. Joshua then bends down to the earth and starts to mold the soil. 

"Oh no, Joshua," interrupts God, "please use your own soil."

Terri Fine


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