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October 5, 2018

Dr. Rafal Pankowski

Will it ever end?...

(Probably, it will NEVER end!) I read this today and pass it on to you. (Why should I be the only one depressed?):

"The Israeli Journal of Foreign Affairs, a publication of the Israel Council on Foreign Relations, has released a penetrating study revealing the extent of the resurgence of anti-Semitic discourse in Poland in the wake of its controversial Holocaust Law.

(The law as it stands now still stifles any real discussion of the extent to which local Poles were complicit in the annihilation of their Jewish neighbors during the German occupation. Poles are understandably upset when Nazi German annihilation and concentration camps are referred to as Polish simply due to their location on German occupied Polish soil, but it was an egregious mistake to criminalize those who do so, within the framework of a law that in its essence threatens Poland's good name and international standing.)

Dr. Rafal Pankowski, a sociology professor at Warsaw's Collegium Civitas, explores the disturbing revival of anti-Semitism in that country, identifying dozens of examples of such expressions: The surge of hostility to Jews and the Jewish State in the Polish media and politics in early 2018 took many observers by surprise. It was also a great shock because for many years, bilateral relations between Poland and Israel had been especially cordial and fruitful.

'Unlike other post-Communist countries in Central and Eastern Europe, Poland has made significant progress in recognizing and researching the inconvenient truths about its own legacy of anti-Semitism. In the wake of the new legislation, however, that progress has been seriously hampered and the findings of courageous, pioneering historians, and even their patriotism, has been called into question' Pankowski says.

Pankowski further notes that while in recent years anti-Jewish discourse was mainly confined to extreme quarters, it has now found a prominent place in mainstream media, especially in state controlled news outlets. 'The surge in radical nationalist discourse reflects a deeper crisis of liberal, democratic, and humanistic values-in Poland and elsewhere in post Communist Europe, as well as in the wider world.'"

Remembering Jewish history...

On Sept. 5th 1972, Palestinian terrorist group Black September murdered 11 Israeli athletes and a German police officer at the Summer Olympic Games in Munich, West Germany.

(Incredibly, despite the massacre, the games went on as scheduled!)

Such a surprise!...

While watching the Emmy Awards show on television the other night, I was surprised (and delighted) to see GLENN WEISS called up as Emmy winner for Best Director for a variety special. After he received the award, he said to his girlfriend, JAN SWENDSEN (who was seated in the audience) "You wonder why I don't call you my girlfriend? Because I want to call you my wife." She was then called up on stage and Glenn went down on one knee, presenting her with his mother's ring!

As delightful as this was to view, you are probably wondering why I mention it in my column. I'll tell you!

Glenn is a cousin to our very own Heritage staff member GIL DOMBROSKY'S brother-in-law, Larry Lucas! MAZEL TOV!

JCC 39ers Cinema Sundays...

On Sunday, Oct. 7th in the Senior Lounge of the Maitland JCC at 2 p.m., the movie will be "The Soloist" with Jamie Foxx and Robert Downy Jr. Refreshments will be available.

Meet & Mingle Mondays...

On Monday, Oct. 8th at 1 p.m. in the Senior Lounge of the Maitland JCC, the topic will be "Staying out of the hospital after discharge for Seniors". It will be presented by Zach Hudson of Senior Interventions Group.

Refreshments follow.

Terrific Thursdays...

On Thursday, Oct. 11th at 1:30 p.m. in the Maitland JCC Senior Lounge, Anita Weintraub will direct the game of dice "I Need It."

(I need money... but who doesn't?)

Roth Family JCC, Maitland...

ROBBY ETZKIN, executive director, wants to inform us that their will be a Beginner's Mah Jongg Class (A 6 week series).

For more details, contact him at the JCC, 407-645-5933.

A marriage proposal for all the world to see.

(I still have my mom's Mah Jongg set but don't remember how to play! This is great for when I get old! Oh shut up!)

One for the road...

Ruth had just stepped out of the shower when she heard her doorbell ring. 

"Who is it?" she shouted downstairs. 

"It's the blind man," came the reply. 

Ruth decided it didn't matter if she opened the door without any clothes on because the man was blind. In fact she thought it would be a rather daring thing to do. 

So she opened the door wide and he said, "It's Macy's Department Store, downtown Orlando. Where do you want me to put these blinds?"

(Oy Gevalt! If it were me it wouldn't have mattered. Gravity has pulled everything down into one lump!)


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