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A birthday present for a great-grandson


October 12, 2018

Maitland, FL

I’m a lucky man. I saw my great-grandson last night. We are about to celebrate his first birthday, so at this point in his life I am just a part of his landscape. I have a good shot at seeing him turn 10, and a poor likelihood of being at his 20th birthday.

However, he will know me, and I feel an obligation to contribute to his well-being.

For most people, voting will be their only opportunity to influence the future in a major way. I have been a Republican for most of my adult life. This upcoming midterm election is different, and I cannot vote for any Republican who supports President Trump. Andrew Gillum and Bill Nelson will get my vote for Florida governor and U.S. Senator. How can I ever look at myself when my time comes unless I make those choices? How can I pass up my opportunity to influence the future? How can I support anyone who has become a symbol of divisiveness? How can I be complicit in helping elect anyone who rejects science while watching our environment deteriorate? And how can I support a president who, in horrifying ignorance of our legal system, has criticized our attorney general for failing to stop two investigations of political allies? How can I vote for someone who has made lying become acceptable? What have the people who support President Trump become?

I cannot look at my great-grandson and think I did not do something! This is a call to other elders to vote, and to keep in mind the legacy your vote will leave.

Luca, you won’t even be aware of my present for your first birthday, nor will you understand what it means. But I know it is special.

Cabot L. Jaffee, Sr. holds a doctorate degree in psychology. He has lived in Central Florida for almost 50 years, and was a university professor and author for 15 years. He later became successful as an entrepreneur and businessman.


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