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Cong. Sinai welcomes children and adults for religious education


November 30, 2018

Students in Sunday School.

Congregation Sinai helps the community celebrate all Jewish holidays with special events, educational programs and services. Congregation Sinai has been serving the Jewish Community of Central Florida since 2003. Numerous services and annual events will be open and free to the entire community. All of the Congregation Sinai classes are open to the general public.

Jewish Youth Education: Sunday School at Congregation Sinai is now open for registration and in session every Sunday throughout the school year. Sessions are held between 10 a.m. and noon most every Sunday morning. Sinai readily accommodates children of a variety of ages from preschool to bar/bat mitzvah age. Subjects taught include Hebrew reading and writing, prayers, Torah instruction, Shabbat and Jewish Holiday practices and traditions. As children approach bar/bat mitzvah age, Congregation Sinai offers full personalized tutoring in preparation leading to their celebratory Jewish ritual and event.

Adult Education is available in various formats. Congregation Sinai offers three different 10-week educational workshop sessions each year dealing with a wide range of topics. Some include an introduction to Talmud, Jewish Liturgy-Traditions and Practices, Jewish Ethics, Genesis and Science, Correlation or Conflict, as well as to study Modern Israel culturally and religiously. There are many other topics we have and will continue to pursue. The Adult classes are generally offered Tuesday mornings starting at 10 a.m.

Torah & Extra Studies: Sinai offers free weekly Torah Study sessions on Saturday mornings starting at 10 a.m. The weekly Torah portion is read and discussed with modern and traditional perspectives. They also occasionally present additional specific topics to be discussed on Sunday afternoons. All Congregation Sinai educational programs are available on a rolling admission basis, so you can start anytime. For a minimal fee, you can take advantage of a 10-week package starting at only $100. Single classes are only $15 each. If you sign up for the Hebrew lesson classes, they are available at the same price, yet if combined with the other adult educational classes, the combined cost will be reduced to only $150.

Celebrating a bar mitzvah.

Joe and Lynn Goldovitz provide distinctively unique spiritual leadership with thoughtful prayers, sermons, music and creative entertainment. Congregation Sinai serves as a house of prayer, assembly and study in which the spectrum of Jewish expression is cultivated, protected and nurtured. With student education programs for children, adult education, bible study groups, bar/bat mitzvah study programs and group tours to Israel; they strive to educate adults and children in Judaism's rich heritage with contemporary significance, while sharing Jewish culture, rituals, traditions and values. Make Sinai your home to celebrate with Jewish friends, holidays and traditions.

For more information about their educational programs, holiday services, membership, Friday night Shabbat services and their special events; contact: Congregation Sinai at: 1200 West Broad Street, Groveland, FL 34736 at the edge of Clermont. Phone 352-243-5353. Email info@congregation-sinai.org and visit their website at: http://www.congregation-sinai.org. Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/groups/2022346804470513. Affordable annual memberships are available.


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