Heritage presents both sides of major issues


December 14, 2018

Dear Editor:

I appreciate the pain that Deborah Meitin experienced when she read, without prior warning about the author’s background, the brilliant, informed, political analysis of Caroline Glick in the Heritage. Ms. Glick is not a follower of the Democrat’s ill-conceived narratives. I would point out, however, that the Heritage always presents articles on both sides of the major issues, often on the same page.

Some of the news diligently reported in the Heritage is difficult to digest. There were the descriptions of all the Jewish Democrats running for Congress most of whom are closely affiliated with J-Street. Later we are advised that 75 percent of Jewish voters sided with the Democrats. How did the pollsters define the Jewishness of those who were interviewed? They did not ask atypical “deplorables” like my wife and me (who have six college degrees between us).

My only advice to my fellow Jewish-Americans is to return to the liberal art of doing their own thinking. Let the “progressive” rabbis sermonize within their religious expertise.

David G. Danziger

Winter Park


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