There have been Jewish presidential candidates


January 25, 2019

Dear Editor:

In the Dec. 28th edition, Jim Shipley states in his column that “So far, no Jew has run for president.” Anyone who is not living under a rock would immediately recognize the error of that statement. Several Jews have run for U.S. president—two in just the last presidential election. How could anyone forget Bernie Sanders, who just ran in 2016? Also, Jill Stein was the Green Party nominee in 2016, as well as 2012. In previous elections, Milton Schapp ran in 1976, Arlen Specter in 1996 and Joe Lieberman in 2004. How someone who writes for a newspaper could not be aware of these basic facts is shocking and epitomizes the public’s mistrust of the press.

Scott Ravede

Deltona, FL


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