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Oh my, Omar-I think you've 'hypnotized' the Democratic Party


March 15, 2019

If Jews had “magical powers to control people” as Ilhan Omar says, then she would be gone from Congress, not just the Foreign Affairs Committee because the “magical powers of the Jewish people” would have kicked her keister to the curb. Too bad the Jewish people don’t control others with money and “magical powers”—they wouldn’t have suffered as they have throughout history. Alas, I can’t kick her to the curb, but what has the Democratic Party done? Absolutely nothing.

Pelosi has said that Omar’s anti-Semitic remarks were “not intentionally anti-Semitic.” How can something said not be intentional? Oh, Omar was intentional—you can see it in her smug face. Pelosi also said Omar is not an anti-Semite! That’s like calling a pitch-fork a shovel.

John Podhoretz recently wrote an excellent opinion piece in the New York Post nypost.com/2019/03/06/democrats-refusal-to-call-out-ilhan-omars-anti-semitism-is-just-appalling/. He called the Democratic Party indecision about Omar’s anti-Semitic actions appalling. He states that Omar is “a member of a larger minority bullying a smaller minority.” Exactly what it is—she is an anti-Semitic bully. Where are the cries against her? Where is the Republican representatives’ voice?

Maybe most Americans don’t care that there is anti-Semitism in Congress?

I tell you what, there are those who will see this as an incentive to freely be more anti-Semitic. Their mindset will be: If Congress can get away with it, so can everyone else!

Podhoretz goes on to say that it’s “a scandal she was elected to Congress in the first place,” and blames those who voted for her. “They should suffer for their choice by seeing her sidelined and their interests ill-represented,” he wrote.

Let me tell you, John, I don’t think Omar has any intention of representing the interests of those who voted for her. As is obvious, she has her own agenda.

There are Americans who are up in arms about our sitting president. Calling him a racist, supporter of white supremacists, an anti-Semite—looking for any way they can to impeach him (and spending our tax dollars to do so). So, why isn’t Omar removed from Congress? She is Louis Farrakhan’s “sweetheart” after all.

Back to Miss Omar, I think she should have her mouth washed out with soap for her nasty words, but it’s too late for that, she’s grown up. However, she does need to learn a little respect. Just shutting her mouth would help. (I believe if she lived in an Islamic country her mouth would be shut).

Despite what I think of Omar, I take comfort in my faith in the G-d of IsraeI and completely agree with Podhoretz’ conclusion in his opinion piece: “But how [Omar’s] fellow Democrats in Congress choose to conduct themselves with her in their midst is one of the ways they will be judged when the time comes for them to be judged—by voters and Higher Forces.”

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