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Story of creation captured in illustrations


March 29, 2019

Review by Eleanor

Bukowsky, librarian

In her delightful picture book, “Creation Colors,” writer and illustrator Ann D. Koffsky reimagines the story of creation from an artist’s perspective. At first, the world was bleak and devoid of color. During the six days in which God created the oceans, trees, grass, moon, sun, stars, animals, and people, a variety of colors appeared that enhanced the earth’s beauty.

Koffsky’s illustrations are eye-catching. On day three, lush greenery gladdens the heart; on day four, the sky is alight with a gorgeous palette of orange, yellow, and gold; and day five is vibrant with luscious purples, pinks, and reds as birds soar skyward and fish swim below. The lively artwork, with its inspired use of geometric shapes, will delight kindergarteners and first graders alike.  

The author concludes with heartwarming scenes of men, women, and children standing shoulder-to-shoulder, enjoying and appreciating this glorious planet. With its simple yet eloquent text and Koffsky’s inspired use of design, “Creation Colors” is an entertaining introduction to the biblical account of how our wonderful world came to be.

“Creation Colors” comes out April 1 and will be available on Amazon and is available for preorder now, and will be available for regular ordering on April 1.

There is also a Facebook launch party for the release happening. The party will include the author and several other author’s including Eric Kimmel, Naiomi Nachman, to name a few.


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