ISRGC now classified as a terrorist organization, and rightfully so


April 19, 2019

Dear Editor;

The American Jewish Congress applauds the Trump Administration’s decision to classify Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps as a Foreign Terrorist Organization.

This marks a dramatic step forward in properly identifying the Iranian threat. Until now, the U.S. has never named an entire entity of a foreign government as a Foreign Terrorist Organization; it is entirely fitting and necessary that Iran is the first. Iran’s state sponsorship of terrorism goes far beyond that of any other country on Earth, in scale, ambition, and blatancy. Moreover, the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps actively promotes, supports, and participates in terrorism in pursuit of Iran’s goal of regional hegemony. It is imperative that when nations take part in global terrorism, we hold those nations accountable and recognize their actions for what they are.

President Trump has shown courage in recognizing the realities of the modern Middle East in a way that other world leaders do not. The Iranian government is a threat to the region and to global security at large, and an undeniable source of terrorist violence against civilians. We cannot afford to stay in denial about Iran.

Jack Rosen

President, American Jewish Congress


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