Jewish Democrat or democratic Jew?


September 20, 2019

Dear Editor:

1. A Jewish Democrat—you are Jewish and vote Democrat regardless of the democratic party’s discriminations against you.

2. A democratic Jew—you are a dedicated Democrat. Being a Jew doesn’t matter.

By these two definitions, being a Jew doesn’t matter. You are adding fuel to wiping out the remaining Jews that were not wiped out during the last century.

Sounds harsh, doesn’t it? But is being a Democrat more important than being a part of 5780 years of being Jewish? Jewish Democrat or democratic Jew means leaving the words Jewish or Jew out, and Democrat or democratic in.

Democrats don’t give a _ _ _ _ about the Jews.

A true 5780-year Jew would leave Democrat or democratic out.

Maurice S. Salamy


Mr. Salamy is a 56-year member of Congregation Ohev Shalom, a WWII Vet with five medals and two battle stars. His father was a WWI Vet and his brother a WWII Merchant Marine.


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