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Blame it on the Brits


October 11, 2019

Dear Editor:

Kudos to Alan Kornman on his letter to the editor, “1929 Hebron massacre—the rest of the story,” Sept. 27. Haj Mohammad Amin al-Husseini is a name most Jews don’t recognize. He was a person, one of the early supporters of The Muslim Brotherhood, who was appointed as The Grand Mufti or mayor of Jerusalem by the British government.

I am currently reading the book, “Philistine to Palestine—exposing the world’s biggest deception, a 4,000-year journey based on the historical, biblical, and political archives by Joseph D. Shellim. I have found it to be quite enlightening and educational especially in the role that Britain played in the extermination of the Jews! I was not aware of this fact. The British government wrote two “White Papers” restricting the movement of the European Jews out of harms way. The first was to prevent other European countries from accepting Jewish people to their countries. A good example is the ship USS St. Louis carrying Jews out of Europe (Germany) to other countries including the United States to no avail. The second “White Paper,” which we are more familiar with, is the agreement with Haj Mohammad Amin al- Husseini not to allow European Jews trying to escape Europe (Germany) and go to Palestine. Thus the Jews of Europe were trapped to face extermination by the British government.

Throughout the years following World War I the British changed history, creating a refugee problem when none was justified. The Balfour Declaration created a Homeland for the Jews in Palestine, which at the time consisted of today’s Israel, Judea-Samaria and all of the present Jordan. However, this they divided into the new kingdom of Trans-Jordan and Palestine. This was again divided by Jordan into the West Bank and Israel. The government of Jordan would NOT allow any Arab refugees to come into Jordan from “The West Bank.”  In the 1960s these people miraculously were transformed into “Palestinians” by which they are known today. Previously, the Palestinians were referred to as the Jews dating back to 135 AD by the Romans following the Bar Kochba Revolt. Thus the Jews became “Palestinians” and the Arabs became “Palestinians” without a long history of being Palestinians. Blame it on the British and their quest for Middle East oil in the early 1920s.

Laurence Morrell



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