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November 15, 2019

Denise Beumer and Sharon Littman share their love with seniors every week volunteering for the Jewish Pavilion at Savannah Court in Maitland. They also shared the evening as honorees at the Gems & Jeans Jewish Pavilion Gala. Joined by family and friends, the gala was filled with the comradery that everyone shared supporting seniors and ensuring their Jewish connection.

The Jewish Pavilion believes in bringing the human connection to every senior at every place volunteers visit. Beumer spoke about how special that she, a Lutheran, was welcomed to volunteer and that every time she volunteered she knew she was connecting to every resident, no matter the background.

Littman spoke about her Monday Family and the true meaning of love and compassion. She was surprised at what she learned through their stories and no one criticizes her when she sings off key.

Nancy Ludin, executive director, talked about it taking a village to have a successful event. “Our Jewish Pavilion village included presenting sponsor The Harper Family Charitable Foundation, our gala committee, auctioneer, Board of Directors, JP Friends Board, volunteers, staff, annual sponsors, event sponsors, table sponsors, donors and so many more,” Ludin shared. “Thank you to our village for creating an incredibly successful event.”

There is still time to support the Jewish Pavilion and its honorees by making a donation online at or calling 407-678-9363.


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