IAC-Another milestone in the fight against BDS achieved


December 20, 2019

The President of the United States issued today an executive order invoking Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 to combat anti-Semitic crime and discrimination on college campuses.

 The executive order calls for the enforcement of “Title VI against prohibited forms of discrimination rooted in anti-Semitism as vigorously as against all other forms of discrimination prohibited by Title VI.”

 In his remarks at the IAC National Summit, the president endorsed and shared the main stage with Adela Cojab, an immigrant who recently graduated from New York University. 

Cojab courageously faced hostility and bigotry as she stood up for Israel in the Jewish-community and pro-Israel community. She said, “My university failed to protect its Jewish community from ongoing harassment, from attacks on social media, to resolutions on student government, to boycotts, flag burnings, and physical assault. The physical assaults ended in two arrests, and the university didn’t stand idly. Instead, they gave an anti-Israel hate group the President Service Award, the highest honor you can receive as a group on campus.”

The President’s executive order is a courageous step in the battle against the epidemic of anti-Semitic crime and discrimination fueled by the BDS movement and other radical groups.


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