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By Eli Berk 

Jews who go to Israel before Messiah will look like 'angels' to those who come after


December 27, 2019

A rabbi explained the benefits of making aliyah before the Messiah sends out the final call, noting that the recent anti-Semitic mass shooting in Jersey City may have been an end-of-days endgame wake-up call for Jews to come home to Israel.

In the wake of the anti-Semitic mass shooting in Jersey City, the fourth such shooting in 14 months, a group of rabbis redoubled their efforts in a project that calls on Jews in the exile to return home to Israel. Rabbi Pinchas Winston, a prolific end-of-days author, explained this in a video. He cited Tuv Ha’Aretz (goodness of the land), a collection of traditional homiletic teachings written by Rabbi Natan Schapira in 1655. Rabbi Schapira moved to Israel from Cracow, Poland and became the chief Ashkenazic Rabbi of Jerusalem, shortly after his arrival.

Rabbi Winston relates one story in the book that tells of the days-to-come after the Messiah has revealed himself and after all the wars are over.

“The world is the way it is supposed to be,” Rabbi Winston said. “What we dream of. At that time, all the Jews from all around the world will come to the land of Israel because it will be clear that is where we all belong.”

The rabbi describes how people arriving in Israel after the arrival of the Messiah will be greeted by the sight of what appears to be angels flying overhead. 

“They’ll turn to Moshiach (Messiah) and ask, ‘What is that? Angels?” the rabbi said. “Moshiach will tell them that those are the Jews who came to Israel before the Messiah was revealed.

“These Jews made aliyah when it was still difficult,” the story explained. “These Jews valued spiritual growth more than financial gain or comfort.”

“We are clearly reaching the end of history,” Rabbi Winston said. “For all we know, Moshiach is right here now, about to reveal himself at any moment. At that point, the door closes, marking the difference between making aliyah before the Moshiach or after Moshiach.”

Rabbi Winston explained that in the end-of-days, people will hear God’s call in stages.

“This happened in the Exodus from Egypt as well,” Rabbi Winston explained. “When Moses first returned, some listened to him but most did not. Every step of the way, after each plague and each miracle, more people listened. When the Plague of Darkness hit, only one-fifth of the Jews were ready to leave. But that was the last call and according to Jewish tradition, four-fifths of the Jews died in that plague.”

“There was a general awakening after the Holocaust but most Jews stayed where they were. The 9-11 attacks should have been another wake-up call. Very few heard it that way and most kept living life as usual. There have been three mass shootings in the U.S. targeting Jews. Anti-Semitism is on the rise and Europe is even worse. Just like in Egypt, very few people are willing to get it. The Jews in Israel will have to go through Gog and Magog but outside of Israel it will be even worse.”

The rabbi noted that last week’s shooting in Jersey City has powerful significance.

“They called themselves the Black Hebrew Israelite,” Rabbi Winston said. “On the surface, it sounds like Jews killing ourselves. But what they really want is to kill the Jews and replace us. Can you imagine a world in which the Chosen People are full of hatred and murder? Can you imagine if that was the light of Torah that was sent out into the world? In truth, that is precisely the opposite of the message that Israel and the IDF is giving the world. But the powers of darkness are twisting the truth.”

The rabbi compared the extreme nature of current events to the plot in a movie.

“Until recently, history went along logically like a movie that needs a long time to set up the conclusion. As the movie comes near to the end, the plot gets more dramatic because it is wrapping up the story. Everything in the news is dramatic because we are getting close to the end. Anyone with the eyes to see understands that what is happening now, every detail, every attack against the Jews, everything that happens to Israel, actually began hundreds of years ago. We are at the wrap up, the end. The pace is picking up.”

The rabbi explained that coming to Israel before the Messiah was even more significant an act of love than performing the biblical commandments.

“We do the commandments because we have to,” Rabbi Winston said, giving an analogy. ‘It is like a husband who thinks he shows love for his wife by fidelity and creating a home. That is what he is required to do. But by going above and beyond what is required, by buying flowers, that is how he shows love.”

“Jews are required to keep the Sabbath, to eat kosher, to pray, and all the other commandments. But we show our love for God by doing things that are not commandments; by choosing to live in Israel. When someone says that they want to come to the land of their fathers because that is where God’s presence is felt the most, then God says ‘Wow!’”

The video was created as part of an ongoing multi-faceted project initiated by Joshua Wander, a resident of the Mount of Olives. The project, named appropriately enough “Bring Them Home”, was launched with a series of video lectures given by prominent rabbis explaining why the biblical imperative to move to Israel is in a new, more imperative stage. The English-language videos were posted on the YouTube channel “Bring them Home-Aliyah Now” and their Facebook page.

As part of the initiative, the rabbis signed a joint declaration in Hebrew.

“To our brothers, the Torah faithful Jews living outside of Israel:

The sages of Israel, from whose words we derive life, already taught us that the mitzvah (Torah commandment) to live in Israel was established as one of the greatest of the mitzvoth by Nachmanides, Maimonides, and all the other sages who establish the law…Therefore, at this time, we are sending out a holy proclamation to those who dwell outside of Israel, to wake up and hurry, and to investigate every possible way that is in your ability to come to live in Israel. You must educate your children about the great spiritual level of those who do so and to help them in every way you can to come and dwell in the Holy Land. 

This is especially true now when there is a threat to the sanctity of Israel and the Jews from outside. Every Jew who moves here will be an aid in fighting off this threat to the sanctity and will establish the future of Judaism throughout the world and will merit those who come to its aid.

The one who chooses Zion and Israel will surely merit to see miracles and wonders, and may our eyes see the return of God to Zion.”

This article first appeared in Breaking Israel News.


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