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Black tie premiere of 'Aliyah'


January 17, 2020

Boots on the Ground Theater is presenting “Aliyah” at its charity gala on Jan. 25, 7 p.m., at KDS One Studios, 3601 Vineland Road, Suite 10, Orlando.

“Aliyah” is a short experimental documentary that tells the story of a Holocaust survivor whose daughter is now a refugee displaced by the conflict in the Ukraine. The film combines original choreography, newly composed music, and hundreds of hours of on-the-ground interviews, all to answer the question, why are Jewish people leaving Ukraine?

Jewish history in Ukraine is marked with persecution and intolerance. From the massacre of Jewish populations in the 7th century, the death of 1 million Jewish Ukrainians during WWII, to the 34,000 murdered in two days at Babi Yar; Jewish people have endured tremendous suffering.

Today with anti-Semitism at a comparable low in Ukraine, why are Jewish populations still trying to leave the country? 

The “Aliyah” script is pulled directly from interviews done in Ukraine in 2018 and after years of repression, finally the stories of Ukrainian people are coming to the light.

“Aliyah” is designed to inspire activism by bringing the first-hand accounts of emigration, intolerance, and resiliency of Jewish Ukrainians to life. Through partnerships with international aid organizations, “Aliyah” supplies each of its viewers with real-life action plans to advocate for Jewish Ukrainians living right now.

Will you make sure people hear their story?

Attire is Black Tie. There will be cocktails and light hors de-oeuvres. Proceeds will bring untold stories to light.

This viewing is free and open to the public. Please RSVP to Charlotte at coverby@botgtheater.org or call 843-655-4953.


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