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Cancelled lecture: An ACT of defiance


January 31, 2020

Dear Editor:

Needless to say I was quite disappointed to learn only a couple of days before the presentation by well-known speaker Laurie Cardoza-Moore, to be held at The Roth Family Jewish Community Center, that it was cancelled. No reason was given. I have had the opportunity to hear Laurie speak locally several times. Each was a very educational and enlightening experience.

I know there is a group of influential locals within the Jewish community that are afraid to hear the truth; afraid to learn about the reality of life in the United States today in the year 2020. They want to be “politically correct” even at the cost of their own freedoms. They support the likes of censoring groups such as the SPLC and even ADL who vilify organizations that think differently from themselves such as ACT for America. It is unfortunate that they want to remain in the dark, be uninformed, and perpetuate the “shtetl mentality “by avoiding reality.”

The topic matter that Ms. Cardoza-Moore was going to discuss was the current anti-Israel BDS movement; the anti-American, anti-Israel subject matter being taught in our public schools nationwide and the increasing radical Islamization of America. Apparently to some, these are topics of discussion to be avoided even at the cost of abridging the First Amendment of our United States Constitution. Shame on them!

We are today in a similar situation that existed in Germany in the early 1930s. Jews have assimilated. Jews have reached new heights in all manners of activities. Jews are being targeted for being Jewish. Anti-Semitism is on the rise. Yet, some still have forgotten. Programs like the recently canceled discussion led by Laurie Cardoza-Moore is a prime example of “if you ignore the problem, it will go away.” Guess what, Bubbalah, it didn’t happen that way in the past and I have serious reservations that ignoring the situation today will make the problem disappear and go away. It’s time to face up to reality. Time is running out. Ignorance is NOT bliss. If we do forget, it will happen again. Therefore, NEVER FORGET—NEVER AGAIN !!!

Laurence Morrell



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