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Asking the right questions

If you have not had experience with senior citizens, you may have difficulties interacting and connecting. Some relationships are immediate; some take time. All interactions with strangers may be difficult. The Jewish Pavilion has solved the communication problem. Recognizing that new volunteers may not have experience except with their own parents, the Pavilion has come up with some ideas to use when volunteers visit seniors in elder care communities.

The Pavilion recognized everyone likes to talk about themselves. Try these questions to get the conversation started.

• Tell me about yourself

• Where are you from?

• Look around the room to see if there are any photos and if so ask them to tell you about them

• What hobbies do you/did you enjoy?

• What are your favorite books or movies?

• What is your family like, do you have brothers and sisters, tell me about them?

• What is/was your husband/wife like?

Often Jewish Pavilion volunteers are the same age as the seniors they visit. Mothers can bring their children and teach community service and compassion. You too can enjoy the fun. Become a Jewish Pavilion volunteer. Call the office at 407-678-9363 or visit our website for more information at http://www.jewishpavilion.org.


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