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Jenny bracelets benefit our senior citizens

Overheard at a luncheon a few months ago, two women were talking about the Jenny bracelets they were both wearing. They loved the natural stones, the beautiful colors and most of all, they loved Jenny.

Jenny Ruben Forero had some challenges during her teen years that often kept her at home. To fill the time Forero made bracelets for the Jewish Pavilion volunteers to distribute to the seniors they visited. She also sold the bracelets at Jewish Pavilion Walks and donated all of the money to the Pavilion.

Forero's parents, Tony and Pam Ruben, encouraged her volunteer work that benefitted both her and the seniors. The Rubens had been actively involved in the Jewish Pavilion for many years and were thrilled that Forero found a way to make herself and many people happy. Forero's health improved allowing her to lead a full life by going college and getting married.

Classic in style and design, these bracelets are still worn more than eight years later by many women. Not only a fashion statement, Jenny bracelets are an enduring statement of love.

If you have any talents you would like to share as a volunteer, contact the Jewish Pavilion office at 407-678-9363 or visit the website at http://www.jewishpavilion.org.


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