'Subjective judgment' needed when saying something is 'xenophobic'


March 13, 2020

Dear Editor:

The unsigned Viewpoint of the “Jewish Community Relations Council” of Feb. 21, 2020, expresses the general condemnation of the publication of “xenophobic” material. Admittedly, “words that reflect bigotry or hatred, whether of Jews or anyone else” may indeed be contrary to Jewish principles. However, whether or not articles are worthy of “being called out” requires careful subjective judgment.

An example is the publication of the picture showing the “IfNotNow #Jewish Resistance” rally in New York City. The alliance of this organization (and its equally sponsored affiliates) with the worst enemies of Jews and Israel is nauseating but appropriate news. The people who run such “rallies” hasten to accuse AIPAC of Islamophobia and other forms of “bigotry” which is preposterous.

The facts that Harvard students form an anti-Zionist organization while J Street’s president embraces Abbas, are also disquieting news, but we need to know about them.

The national leaders of the Jewish federations have also expressed views that violate some principles that are inconsistent with what some of us consider Jewish, as has the local branch. JCRC should be advised that disagreement with them is not per se xenophobia.

David G. Danziger

Winter Park


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