Adam Sandler pays tribute to doctors and nurses


April 17, 2020

(JTA)—Forget about “The Chanukah Song.” Actor Adam Sandler’s latest earworm is a tribute to doctors and nurses and an exhortation for people to stay home to stop the spread of the coronavirus.

Sandler debuted “Quarantine Song” from his home during a guest appearance Thursday on “The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.” Fallon was broadcasting from his home as well.

Sandler pulled a hoodie over his baseball cap and put on sunglasses (so viewers would not see him reading the lyrics, he said) before he began strumming on his guitar.

“Doctors and nurses will save us from this mess if we give them the supplies that they need / And I hope they save us really soon because I’m getting really sick of my family,” Sandler sang in the light-hearted yet incredibly serious song.

“We gotta build some ventilators and make some more masks / We got to now, so let’s all come together / I’m teaching math to my kids, and that can’t be good for America,” he also sang.

At the end of the song, Sandler implores listeners: “Stay home as much as you can, make sure to wash your hands / Let’s make this damn thing go away.”


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