Dictor qualifies for Tax Collector race


Lynn "Moira" Dictor

Not even a lockdown could stop the campaign of Lynn Dictor, known by her radio listeners as Moira, a first-time candidate for Seminole County Tax Collector. Dictor, a Democrat, always intended to qualify by petition for her spot on the November 2020 ballot. But shelter-in-place orders prohibited Dictor and her field team from attending any gathering of Seminole County voters to complete the petition drive.

Dictor needed 3,037 Seminole County registered voters to sign her ballot petitions by the May 11 deadline. On March 1, she still needed 960 verified signatures to meet that requirement. But Dictor was undeterred.

The Dictor petition team completely restructured its approach to gathering the petitions during the pandemic. In the past seven weeks, respecting the new social distancing requirements, the Dictor petition team called, emailed, texted and slipped the petitions under the doormats of dozens of Seminole County neighbors, family and friends. Dictor, a former local radio personality, even created a daily FaceBook LIVE segment, "Couch Chat", to keep her followers motivated and keep the petitions flowing. 

On April 29, the team crossed the finish line with 3,050 official, verified petitions. 

"I am extremely grateful for the groundswell of support from Seminole County, Central Florida and across the nation," said Dictor. "I am so heartened that Seminole County residents desperately want a change, and they showed that by propelling our campaign over its first major hurdle. We can now focus on bringing good stewardship back to the office of Seminole County Tax Collector."


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