Locally filmed 'Names, Not Numbers' a must see


On June 3 there was a virtual event titled “Names, Not Numbers” viewed by many that evening. This documentary film showcases the work of St. Margaret Mary Catholic School eighth graders as they interviewed, filmed, edited and produced the stories of four local Holocaust survivors and one liberator. For those who missed it, The Holocaust Memorial Resource and Education Center will have the video available for 10 days.

The Holocaust Memorial Miami Beach had a grant that allowed them to create “Names, Not Numbers” with multiple groups. They partnered with HMREC to have the project filmed here. The project transformed the Holocaust educational experience for the eighth graders into something special.

Moving beyond the traditional classroom, the students developed in-depth interview questions, met, interviewed, filmed and edited the interviews with survivors Helen Greenspun, Eva London-Ritt, Sonja Marchesano, and Harry Lowenstein as well as liberator Gilbert Waganheim to become fully engaged in the full story of their life before, during and after the Holocaust.

“Learn from the past, and make what’s in front of you better than what it’s ever been before,” said Harry Lowenstein.

Students gained a profound, firsthand understanding of the horror, sadness, and triumph needed to ensure these important stories are told, retold and remembered. The film brings the same understanding to all who view it.

To see “Names, Not Numbers,” contact Lisa Bachman at lbachman@holocaustedu.org or call 407-628-0555, ext. 279.


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