We need a congress that works bi-partisan


Dear Editor:

I read the Solomon letter a few times (Letter to the editor by Sandi Solomon “No. 1 issue when voting is to make sure Jews are not in danger,” May 22 issue), I thought it was a put-on: “I  realized there were anti-Semites in the Democratic party.” Surprise, there are anti-Semites in the Democratic and Republican parties, organizations, and just everyday people.

Trump likes Israel because of the Jewish vote, not because he likes Jews. Look inside his mind during the torches march at the University of Virginia. “Jews will not replace us.”  Trump’s response, “There are good people on both sides.” Trump loves just two things, himself and money. For that, he would throw anyone or anything under the bus. We do not need a president who is a bigot, racist, and anti-whoever.

While some people kill with intent, Trump caused tens of thousands of unnecessary virus deaths by ineptness, stubbornness, and gross incompetence.

Our allegiance should not be dictated by religion or heritage. Many have died to make this a democratic nation. We do not need another wanna-be king or dictator. My allegiance is to America first and foremost. My father, an immigrant, and friends gave their lives for this country to keep us free. None lied about a bone spur not to serve. These are people who love their country more than themselves.

We need a capable republican and democratic party that works bi-partisan. We do not need a Trump party who wants to rule by fear, ignorance, and without regard to the law.

Harry Truman said, “The Buck stops here.”  Trump, the buck stops somewhere else.

Bill Kahn

Maitland, Fla.


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