It is better to be unified than to criticize


Dear Editor:

I am responding to the two letters in the Heritage on June 5 (“Why I detest Donald Trump” by Art Friedman and “We need a congress that works be-partisan” by Bill Kahn), which referenced my letter on May 22 concerning my appreciation of what President Trump has done for Israel. It is apparent that both writers were influenced by the liberal press. The positions taken in these letters do not foster unity but rather are divisive in their hatred of the president. It is important to remember that approximately half of the country are conservative and half progressive. The progressive press confuses the president’s support of Israel with other policies so that Jews do not single out and appreciate what he has done. For example, Israelis are still mad at U.S./Obama for not supplying missiles when they were attacked. As a response to the anti-Trump rhetoric, progressive Jews call President Trump names and find ways to impede and criticize his programs. There has been no appreciation of the employment statistics and valuation of the stock market. The racial differences in income have been disappearing with full employment of black males. The allegation that Trump loves money more than patriotism is not based on facts. He has not drawn a salary while in the White House. That he courts the Jewish vote for money is wrong.

A president should work to please all Americans. Criticizing President Trump’s pro-Israel policy by suggesting it is based on arrogance and desire for power is self-deprecating. Israel has earned U.S. support by its technological prowess. I am proud of Israel and proud to be Jewish and think not supporting it is imprudent.

The two letters allege Trump is motivated solely by money. What is wrong with loving money, anyway? President Trump is extremely charitable.

Finally, it is counterproductive to call the president names. What is productive and unifying is to make constructive suggestions of what the president can do better, rather than calling him names.

Let us do what we can to unify the country and be constructive on our criticism and comments.

Sandi Solomon

Oviedo, Fla.


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