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Speak out against anti-Semitism on campus


Local resident Donna Render wrote a letter to FSU President Thrasher about student president Ahmad Daraldik. She is encouraging others to email him as well.

“Ahmad should be expelled and nothing less,” Render said. “A message has to be sent here. Anti-Semitism on campuses have become much too common and the media largely remains quiet. We need to speak out and say this is unacceptable.”  

Feel free to cut and paste her message below or write your own. President Thrasher’s email address is president@fsu.edu.

Dear President Thrasher,

It has come to my attention that your student body president, Ahmad Daraldik, tweeted out “Stupid Jew.”  I am sure you are aware that he has made a lame attempt at apologizing for his anti-Semitic act. Not enough! Without a second thought, he should be expelled from FSU.  An apology is not enough. Removing him from his office is not enough.  

If he tweeted out stupid Black or Muslim, he would be out in a blink, and rightfully so. If you do not take swift action to expel him, you will be saying it is okay to be anti-Semitic.  

I will be following this situation and doing my best to let the world know. I will ask my friends to do the same thing.


Donna Render

See pg. 3 for ACF petition.


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