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I will vote for Trump, and here is why


Dear Editor:

Two writers who obviously represent the 71 percent of the “Jewish” voters who, like them, are totally oblivious to the actions of President Trump because they merely reflect the biased narratives recited by the biased media, which led to prolonged, expensive persecution of this elected president for non-existing crimes.

Despite the exhaustive preoccupation with reversing the will of the people by Democrats who will never recover from their frustration over the lost election, President Trump has devoted his unlimited energy to fulfilling the promises he made while running for the office. Such sincerity is so astonishing in national police that it continues to shock Washington and some Jewish voters who are oblivious to substance in their irrational condemnation of Mr. Trump.

Candidate Trump promised all of the following: to bring back manufacturing enterprises from abroad; to replace trade agreements with other countries that were disadvantageous to the U.S.; to require our allies to contribute their fair share for the defense of their countries; to reform the national justice system to prevent long incarcerations for nonviolent crimes; to reduce oppressive regulations that far exceed the need for federal corrective action and stifle private enterprise; to cut federal income taxes for most Americans; to provide federal funds for traditional Black colleges; to actively promote economic progress in the inner cities to enhance employment opportunities especially for minority populations; to do what congress and prior presidents promised but never acted upon; to recognize that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel; and to submit a well-researched plan for the resolution of the Arab-Israel conflict despite the total lack of any Palestinian leadership willing to participate in reasonable negotiations.

President Trump did all these things in three years, bringing this country into meteoric economic improvement with unprecedented reduction in unemployment among all types of Americans.

The president’s progress was curtailed by the sudden spread of a new disease — as to which he took effective action by promptly stopping incoming flights from China (over the protests of the Democrats) and working energetically with scientists, state governors, and private enterprises to provide needed supplies and prescribe social limited interactions that have led to reductions of the spread of the disease.

I am an observant Jew and a proud naturalized American citizen who served this country in its armed forces during the Korean War, after my older brother earned a Bronze Star for his service in General Patton’s Army in World War II. Even if only 29 percent of my fellow Jewish Americans agree with me, I will vote for Donald Trump not only because he is good for Israel, but because he is best for my country, the United States of America.

David G. Danziger

Winter Park, Fla.


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