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Nazi hate or Buddist peace symbol?


The Nazi swastika.

A college student from Houston, Texas, started a petition against the popular retailer SHEIN for selling what she believed was a Nazi swastika pendant. The Stop Anti-Semitism watchdog group also pressured SHEIN concerning the necklace. In response SHEIN removed the necklace from its website.

This article was originally intended to bring attention to the offensive pendant and its removal from the retailer's website through the effective watchdog pressure and petition that shined a light on the necklace. However, upon closer inspection by Heritage's production/office manager, David Lehman, the pendant was discovered not to be a Nazi swastika, but a Buddhist swastika. SHEIN had stated so, saying it was a "Buddhist swastika," with a different design than the one used by the Nazi Party The Buddhist swastika is the reverse of the offensive Nazi design, and is a symbol of peace and continuity.

The 'Metal Swastika Pendant Necklace' sold by SHEIN.

The Indian symbol, which was hijacked by Adolf Hitler for his twisted Aryan supremacy theory, is much older than perceived. According to a Times of India report, it has now come to light that the swastika symbol is much older than the Aryans and even the Indus Valley Civilization. In fact, the swastika dates back at least 11,000 years and has been traced to Western and Middle-Eastern civilizations.

SHEIN still apologized stating "we made a gigantic mistake by selling a product that is hurtful and offensive to many of you, and we're so, so sorry" and that it was removed from the site.

Lehman also stated that many "skinheads" and radicals who don't know the difference between the Buddhist and Nazi symbols erroneously use the wrong swastika, adding to the confusion.

Several Jewish publications ran the story about the offensive pendant, including the Jewish Journal and the Jewish Telegraphic Agency, and cries to boycott SHEIN also were posted on Facebook.


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