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Using common sense to solve world problems


Dear Editor:

I believe that it is worth noting that your fine publication noted in separate columns that the prime minister of the Palestinian entity has submitted in writing plans for a Palestinian state (“PA says it is ready to restart peace negotiations with Israel,” July 10; and “52 years late isn’t too late,” July 17). This was apparently a response to the solution offered on behalf of the Trump Administration after an extensive research by very knowledgeable and highly intelligent professionals. The Trump plan reflected the realization that there was no one to negotiate with because the Arab side had only one non-negotiable position — the elimination of Jewish Israel and the expulsion of all Jews.

As demonstrated repeatedly by this president, once you assert your logical position on such matters as trade agreements and appropriate contributions to international causes, people will eventually negotiate. That does not mean giving in by the U.S. or paying off just to create the image of success (the Obama technique). Thus, the introduction of reality and common sense to world problems is the essence of Trump Policy, albeit, it shocks such icons of spiritual values as the leader of the Reform “movement,” thousands of unmarried female rabbis and Peter Beinart.

Clearly, the word “annexation” is misused when applied to formal legal recognition by Israel of land that is cultivated, inhabited, and righteously owned by Jewish citizens of the State. That EU countries who are adversely infiltrated by Muslim “refugees” invent international laws condemning Israel adds nothing to the pertinent negotiations.

When we re-elect this president, this problem, too, will be resolved.

David G. Danziger

Winter Park, Fla.


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