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August 14, 2020

Frank. Loesser

Oy, what memories! ...

I'm sure I don't have to tell you that, because of Covid-19, I (and many of you) spend day after day after day at home, watching television and going batty with boredom ... unless you have children in your home and then it's not so bad. But my kids are grown men and, except for my youngest, also a grown man who insists on watching over me in my "old" age, I am alone with my dog, Chloe. So, I watch a lot of television ... mostly "Dr. Phil" and an occasional movie.

What a thrill it was for me to see the movie "Guys And Dolls" on TV the other day!

Frank Loesser's musical was my first New York City show when I was 19 years old! (I was a dancer in the chorus). Frank Loesser, by the way, was the composer & lyricist for the show and also a Jew (naturally!)

(Attention: my youngest son! I can still dance so I really don't need such watching over!)

Back to my "old age"...

I heard from Rabbi MARVIN HIER recently. He said the following, in part: "In 1977, I made a sacred vow to Simon Wiesenthal, the heroic Nazi hunter, that the Center that would carry his name would uphold his legacy of combating anti-Semitism, defending the Jewish nation and standing up for justice and human dignity."

The last few months have been an unprecedented time in our country. The COVID-19 pandemic raced across the globe, taking the lives of loved ones and friends and upending our way of life.

In the midst of all this, and despite the forced physical closure of our U.S. offices (and so many businesses) it has become increasingly clear that hate and anti-Semitism have not taken a holiday.

Before the pandemic, the Jewish community in New York (the largest Jewish community outside of Israel) suffered a tremendous spike in violent hate crimes. As COVID-19 spread, vicious anti-Semitic messages were written on social media virally spreading the lie that Jews were responsible for the coronavirus. Also, neo-Nazis encouraged their followers who tested positive for the disease to go to synagogues to try to infect Jews.

There is NO vaccine for history's oldest virus - anti-Semitism!

We are living in an uncertain, even frightening time, a time when the Ayatollah of Iran advocates "a final solution" against Israel while most of the world remains SILENT! A time when an Oxford University poll shows that 20 percent of Britons believe Jews are behind the coronavirus pandemic. A time when the FBI warns that neo Nazis are encouraging their ranks to spread the virus among Jews to take out as many Jews as they can. (Incidentally, this belief that Jews are responsible for the pandemic is believed in many countries.)

Stay strong! Let's protect one another! Also, hopefully this pandemic will end very soon!

Jewish Pavilion Mensch (times 2) ...

Kudos to BILLIE and LARRY PARKER who chose to do something special to help seniors during the pandemic.

Their donation to the Jewish Pavilion enabled the organization to provide Shabbat gift bags to over a hundred seniors living in elder-care communities. The couple is very family-oriented and devoted. Larry still has his father but the other beloved parents are deceased. They feel that the Covid crisis has been particularly hard on elderly people who live in facilities and are not allowed to connect with their loved ones.

Our own NANCY LUDIN, head of the Jewish Pavilion sent that over. She also had this important message:

"This is going to be remembered as one of the most difficult times in history. We have never seen anything like it. Let's admit it, it's scary for all of us. It is particularly scary for our residents in elder-care facilities. Many of them have been secluded for more than 5 months now and it isn't fun. 

The Jewish Pavilion is doing everything we can to make sure our seniors are remembered and recognized now more than ever. Won't you please write a card, make a mask, or donate towards our continued operations? 

You personally make a difference and we appreciate you!"

The Jewish Federation ...

This is a reminder:

The Jewish Federation of Greater Orlando presents its 2020 Annual Meeting, streamed live via Zoom, from 6:30-8:30 pm Wednesday, Aug. 19. Along with electing its officers and board members, they will report on the Federation's activities, the plans for the future, and Jeff Gaeser will present the Heritage Florida Jewish News Human Service Award to Hank Katzen. 

The JFGO Annual Meeting won't be all business. The federation is excited to bring you Tel Aviv-based comedian Benji Lovitt providing some much-needed comic relief. From Zoom seders to "the new normal," Benji continues the Jewish tradition of dealing with adversity through humor.

Benji Lovitt

Benji's appearance is sponsored by Dr. Eve Homburger and Brad Jacobs.

You should phone the Federation to register that you will attend.

Just a special word ...

About a special person that we all will miss. Rest In Peace, Regis Philbin. We will never forget you.

One for the road ...

Three senior citizens - Sarah, Becky and Estelle, are sitting on a park bench at Lake Eola having a quiet chat when a flasher approaches. He walks up to the bench, stands right in front of them and all of a sudden, with a loud shout, "AHA", he opens his raincoat. 

Sarah immediately has a stroke. Becky also has a stroke. But Estelle, who is much older and feebler than the other two, couldn't reach that far.


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