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My two cents on the Federation leaders' statement about George Floyd

Dear Editor:

My name is William J. Levy and I live in Ormond Beach and read your newspaper every week.

Sadly there is only one group of people in America who think of themselves as guests: not the Irish, not the Blacks, not the Lithuanians, no one but the Jews.

Jews are the most hated group in America. Blacks attack them and kill them in the streets of Brooklyn or in their homes in Moncey, N.Y., or in their supermarkets in Union City, N.J., and whites kill them in their synagogues in Pittsburgh, Pa., or Poway, Ca.

Jewish children broke breakfast with their counterparts of the Black church in Charleston, S.C., the site of the white supremacist massacre about a year ago. 

George Floyd was a felon convicted of a horrible home invasion and spent five years in jail. It should have been life. A recent autopsy revealed he had taken fentanyl. And now that the video has finally been released (after being suppressed by the anti-Jew, anti-white, Attorney General of Minnesota Keith Ellison, former member of Congress, a Muslim and a member of Farrakan’s Nation of Islam), it shows he resisted arrest.

What are you Jews going to do to stop the attacks other than making nice to our haters? The question I have for all Jews is “Don’t you ever get angry?”

The Reform synagogue organization of Rabbi Bessner gives the knee to Al Sharpton and they invite him to speak at their national convention. Only Jews do this!

Jews in Brooklyn accept their fate and they say, “That’s the way it is.”  No wonder the Nazis had such a wonderful time slaughtering them and you just mentioned Elie Wiesel who forgave the Nazis.

I’m not a Mark Zuckerberg who declared to the world, “I’m no longer a Jew. I’m an agnostic.” It’s a shame we couldn’t make him give back his Jewish genes.

We are the only people in this country who accept this hatred instead of attacking and destroying our haters and fighting for our people.

As the Talmudic sage Rava puts it, “If someone comes to kill you, rise up and kill them first.” (Talmud, Sanhedrin 72a).

Among my heroes are the Holocaust survivors who were going to poison the water systems of Germany, which would have killed millions of Germans; Ariel Sharon and Hershel Greenspan who assassinated the Nazi diplomat in France and precipitated Krystalnacht in 1938, I believe.

If 600,000 German Jews knew the Talmud, perhaps and probably, the Shoah never would have happened.

Jews love to say, “never again!” I simply say, “why not?”

William J. Levy

Ormond Beach, Fla.


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