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What is Nancy Pelosi thinking?


August 28, 2020

Dear Editor:

Kudos for publishing “Shame on Nancy Pelosi for endorsing Ilhan Omar,” in your July 31st issue. Pelosi has moved from the Light to the Darkness. In the Light she is the “Lioness,” supporting bills that will make a difference for those who desperately need help during these stressful times. However, with her endorsement of Ilhan Omar and now Rashida Tlaib, who have often openly expressed anti-Semitic views, she has moved into the Shadows.

Why would Pelosi, a seasoned politician, choose to stand on the side of “Squad” members who aim to deny Jews a right to self-determination and erase the state of Israel? She cites the work they have done for their constituents. Is that reason enough to ignore egregious anti-Semitism? Are her political motivations to retain her party’s majority in the House obscuring her vision, influencing her to align herself with some recently elected young, “minority” females without considering the danger of the banners they wave? Has she inhaled the Fumes of Fear, afraid that she will be accused of working against cultures that have not received full recognition in government? Only Pelosi can answer these questions. I hope she does!

Lenore Roland

Windermere, Fla.


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