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Are we reduced to ineffectual 'guests' in this country?

Dear Editor:

There is a hypocrisy of the highest order when major media giant Facebook and its “I’m no longer a Jew” founder Mark Zuckerberg can allow Holocaust deniers open access to Facebook and not remove them.

Tell that to the 7 million Jews murdered by the Nazis (not the 6 million murdered Jews we hear all the time, that last figure by the British government decades ago is deemed more accurate). If it was only one Jew it would still be a Holocaust.

And now Jews throughout the world have to suffer insult after insult by these Holocaust deniers who enter our synagogues and massacre our innocent Jews just like the did in WW II; and worse, they face no consequences other than pleading “not guilty” with the AR-15 still in their hands and 30 years of appeals facing us.

Unlike larger minority groups there will be no massive protest outside of Facebook by Jews. No Jew will confront Zuckerberg in a restaurant or outside on the street or, God forbid, picket his home — all professed by Prof. Saul Alinksy of the U. of Chicago and Hillary’s mentor and the architect of today’s crisis.

Jews just accept these indignations instead of forcibly forcing Facebook to remove them by whatever means it takes and I mean just that. Not just silently protesting and not making waves.

We Jews have a glorious history of almost 6,000 years and we have fought and known the Egyptians, the Assyrians, the Babylonians, the Hittites, the Greeks and the Romans all before our Diaspora. We were known among the fiercest fighters known to civilization and now except for Israel we are reduced to an effete guest in this country because of our weakness in the face of disaster.

I strongly wish that Jews had a violent gene so it would force those wanting to hurt them to think twice. Cowards don’t go after those who could harm them; they go after the Jews.

Get strong already!

Wm. J. Levy

Ormond Beach, Fla.


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