Another four years of Trump is bad for the Jews


October 9, 2020

Dear Editor:

While President Trump has done some good things for Israel, on the whole he has actually made the region more dangerous. A recent example is that two days after the White House signing of the diplomatic accord between Israel and the UAE, the UN Security Council voted against the motion to extend the 13-year-old embargo on arms trade with Iran. This embargo had been very important for Israel’s security as well as that of U.S. Arab allies. This issue, once supported by most democratic countries was defeated. Only the Dominican Republic voted with the US to support the extension. Russia and China opposed the motion (they want to sell arms to Iran) and 11 countries, including Britain, France and Germany abstained. This is just one example of Trump’s short-sighted, limited and failed diplomatic policy. He has failed the U.S. and made Israel more vulnerable. Under Trump, the U.S. is no longer a world leader. We basically stand alone and no longer have the ability to pull together a coalition to support Israel or deal with international challenges. I am confident Joe Biden has the experience to restore the U.S. standing in the world and he also has a long and distinguished record of standing with Israel. Biden refers to himself as a Zionist and says his support for Israel’s security is “ironclad.” Kamala Harris also has a strong pro-Israel record.

During the first presidential debate, President Trump was asked point blank to call out white supremacy and the Proud Boys, an avowed white supremacist group that are not permitted on Twitter or Facebook due to their racist antisemitic views. Instead, he issued them a rallying cry (“stand down and stand by”) that they are now using to legitimize and market their vile beliefs. Numerous articles have quoted their leaders as being “thrilled” at the president’s support of their group. Trump’s rhetoric is reprehensible and should shock and frighten every Jew in America. Our country needs and deserves better.

Enough is enough. If we want to save our democracy, restore our standing in the world, be an ally other democracies can depend on, take control of the Covid pandemic through science, get our economy back on its feet/people back to work, curb systemic racism and save our planet from climate change, we can and must elect Joe Biden as our president.

Roz Fuchs

Maitland, Fla.


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