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Foxman vs. Sharpton reactions to hatred


October 16, 2020

Dear Editor:

Abe Foxman, a Holocaust survivor, couldn’t have been the worst director of the ADL if a white supremacist had chosen him.

For years Foxman earned a $300,000 annual salary and had bodyguards and absolutely failed the American Jewish community.

How did he react to anti-Jewish acts? Well, he offered those Jew haters seminars. That’s right. No one ever accepted, but that was his solution to Jewish problems. He would show the same Jews haters who would go on to kill Jews in their synagogues of Squirrel Hill, Pittsburgh, Pa., or Poway, Calif., or the Jews in Union City, N.J., that Jews are really nice people.

Foxman also used $250,000 of Jewish-donated money to help a Black minister whose church was burnt down. It turns out that the Black minister was the arsonist, took Foxman’s $250,000 and ran off.

In a school district in Florida, the school kids had a Kick-A-Jew Day where several Jewish students were kicked by non-Jews and some of the Jewish parents complained to the principal. Some of the students were briefly suspended and Foxman offered them seminars.

If Black kids were kicked what would happen? Here’s what would have happened: Al Sharpton and buses loaded with his followers would have descended on the school. The offending kids would not have been suspended, but expelled. The principal would probably have been forced to resign and a large, large contribution from the school district would have gone into Sharpton’s coffers.

Jews have to terrify their haters and say to them, “Respect me or fear me!” Jews have not learned the lessons of Europe where they have been conditioned for so many centuries to act as victims despite their enormous wealth and the contributions they have made to our country. They still act as guests and everyone knows guests are expected to leave. That is why 600 Jewish organizations are behind BLM and other Black hate groups as one recently threatened on national TV to march on the N.Y. Diamond District and burn it down.

Will it ever stop?  It will only get worse as one of these Jewish organizations invited Al Sharpton, the killer of Jews in Crown Heights and Harlem, to speak at their national convention.

Why Sharpton? Oh yes, Hitler is already dead.

William. J. Levy

Ormond Beach, Fla.


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