Exhibit has no connection to the Holocaust


December 18, 2020

Dear Editor:

I protest an exhibit at the Holocaust Memorial Resource and Education Center in Maitland, Florida, honoring George Floyd. My parents, Jacob and Rachel Rosenberg, were survivors of the Auschwitz and Buchenwald concentration camps.

A George Floyd Exhibit has no place in a Holocaust Museum which should be dedicated to memorialize and remember the lessons of the Holocaust, namely that Hitler wanted to wipe out an entire people simply because they were Jewish. Anti-Semitism cannot be tolerated. The museum claims to use the lessons of the Holocaust to promote a ‘moral and just community.’ A George Floyd exhibit has no connection to the Holocaust. George Floyd’s death was decried by all, but his death was used as a springboard for BLM’s violent protests and anti-Semitic looting and vandalism of Jewish businesses. Anti-Semitic rhetoric was heard at BLM protests in the name of George Floyd. An exhibit to commemorate him does not belong alongside exhibits of 6 million Jews murdered in the Holocaust.

Rabbi Dr. Bernhard Rosenberg

Edison, N.J.


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