We must not stop protesting


January 29, 2021

Dear Editor:

Holocaust museums must stop worrying about “genocides” around the world and start emphasizing the Nazi Holocaust and its connection to today’s anti-Semitism. The same is true for Holocaust Commissions.

Please continue protesting.

I am seriously concerned that our educational systems and many of our teachers and professors are poorly prepared and they are teaching by emotion, not by accurate information. They are rewriting history with lies.

I am extremely disappointed in the Jewish community that takes its struggle to identify with every other struggle, they are not the same struggles.

HIAS and the Jewish communities were significantly involved with bringing our parents to this country. Although they may exist, I don’t personally know of survivors that were on government aid and if they were it wasn’t for long.

I don’t know of one survivor family that didn’t send their children to college. They worked from janitor to sewers, from cooks to tailors, from plumbers to construction workers, from teachers to painters...they did what ever they could, regardless of there higher education or wealthy backgrounds. They took the lowest jobs until they could qualify for higher ones.

They lost parents and siblings, spouses and children. Their families were shot, starved, torchered, burnt, beaten, hung, raped and experimented on until they died...they experience all of it. They we robbed of their possessions, their families and their lives.

I respect any group that has been discriminated against. They deserve to be respected, honored and memorialized, but NOTHING can or will ever compare to the Holocaust and people should stop being so lazy and compare everything or anything to it.

Rabbi Dr. Bernhard Rosenberg

Edison, N.J.


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