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February 26, 2021

Woody Allen

Wow! ...

Remember recently I mentioned in my column that I would include more Jewish comedians and singers? Two of my favorites were Sid Caeser (now deceased) and WOODY ALLEN. Both were (and are) brilliant!

Actually, Woody, who was born in the Bronx, was raised in Brooklyn and at one time we were neighbors. Woody went to Midwood High School and I attended Tilden High School. (And he was older than me!)

Remember singer Tony Martin? Not only was he handsome, he had a great singing voice. He appeared in a TV movie the other night ... and speaking of singers, Broadway star, IDINA MENZEL appeared on "Celebrity Undercover Boss." She is also Jewish and wait! I'm not through!

Movie star, Hedy Lamarr was born a Jew, although she later in life converted. Her real name was Hedwig Eva Maria Kiesler. And this I just found out: She spent her last years living in Casselberry, Florida, until her demise in 2000.

(Who knew? I should have gotten her autograph!)

EU President denounces anti-Semitism ...

I read this in the World Jewish Congress bulletin:

"In her first State of the European Union address, EU President URSULA VON DER LEYEN denounced the growing trend of anti-Semitism and hatred across Europe, "Hate is hate and no one should have to put up with it." In her remarks, she referenced the anti-Semitic Aalst Carnival, rhetorically asking, "Where is the essence of humanity when anti-Semitic carnival costumes openly parade on our streets?" She continued, "Where is the essence of humanity when every single day Roma people (Gypsies) are excluded from society and others are held back simply because of the color of their skin or their religious belief?"

President Von Der Leyen also announced that the European Commission will release a plan to combat racism. The plan will strengthen racial equality laws, extend the list of EU level crimes to include all forms of hate crime and hate speech, as well as create the position of an anti-racism coordinator.

Her remarks came shortly after the European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights published a new report covering the current state of anti-Semitism. The report stated that EU member states are not bound to report or track anti-Semitic incidents, making it difficult to have a full understanding of the state of anti-Semitism and to form a cohesive national response to it.

The WJC has worked closely with the European Commission to combat anti-Semitism in Europe. Most recently, WJC partnered with the European Commission, UNESCO and Twitter to launch the #ThinkBeforeSharing campaign. The initiative consists of comprehensive visual learning resources to raise awareness and combat conspiracy myths linked to the COVID-19 pandemic.

A Reminder...

Chabad of Greater Orlando presents "Physically Apart – Emotionally Together, a Zoom lecture series.

On Sunday, March 14, at 10 a.m., Nazi hunter, EFRAIM ZUROFF, American born Israeli historian and Nazi hunter who has played a key role in bringing indicted Nazi and Fascist war criminals to trial, will be speaker.

The cost per lecture is $10. For further information, phone 407-644-2500x0.

The Jewish Federation of Greater Orlando ...

RAISE is uniting our community, celebrating diversity in our workplace and empowering families. The following was written by LOREN LONDON, founder and director of RAISE and RACHEL SLAVKIN, director of Employment and Education:

As RAISE continues to foster a culture of inclusion, we are proud of the meaningful impact we are having on personal dignity as our participants strive to reach their potential. A nationwide pause in hiring opened the door to RAISE to provide valuable pre-employment training to adults with special needs. When we can safely meet in person, we look forward to resuming our original RAISE format, offering social skills classes and paid, job coach supported employment training at seven locations, During these challenging times of divide, more than ever before, inclusion of adults with special needs, empowering families, and celebrating diversity in our workplace will help us continue to build a united community guided by our values of making the world a better place.

Roth Family JCC of Maitland ...

Camp J is going to be the sweetest place to be this summer.

We have bigger, bolder, and better specialty camps, and of course, Classic Camp J, too!

Plan for Camp starting today, Feb. 26.

For camp questions, phone 407-621-4038 or email campj@orlandojcc.org

The Jewish Pavilion ...

Mensches Galore.

"When you clean out your closet, think of us," says NANCY LUDIN, CEO of the Jewish Pavilion.

"Special thanks to LARRY KAHN, ALAN PERLMAN, ROZ MURRAY and many other generous people who have recently donated Judaica to the Jewish Pavilion. All of the gifts received are used as presents for seniors to go in their welcome bags.

The Jewish Pavilion always welcomes gifts such as Jewish holiday paper goods and wrapping paper, ritual objects, etc."

Sid Caeser

"We also want to thank JANICE KAGAN, MARDI SHADER, JUDY KAHAN, and others who have donated cards and note pads to the Jewish Pavilion.

Lastly, we want to thank a large group of women who have contributed hand knit blankets - JO FISCHER, SHIRLEY KATZ, JUDY COHEN, SHARON SISSELSKY, SUSAN LACKMAN, SUSAN LIVINGSTONE and others."

Nancy Ludin continued, "You can rest assured that everything contributed is passed along to seniors in elder-care facilities."

One for the road ...

Benji finally found a birthday gift for his mother: a parrot that spoke Yiddish. When he called her to find out how she liked the present, she said, "Delicious."

"Mama, you ate a parrot that speaks Yiddish?" he cried.

"So," she said, "if he could talk, why didn't he say something?"


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