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Masa Tiganitas is Sephardi matzah brei - but much better

(The Nosher) - Leave it to Sephardic Jews to make even a pedestrian dish - the ubiquitous matzah brei, a mash-up of fried matzah and egg - into something sublime.

In his landmark book "The Sephardic Kitchen," Rabbi Robert Sternberg introduced many of us to the flavors and pleasures of Sephardic Jewish cuisine. Masa Tiganitas is a Passover recipe of the Greek Jews - tiganites is the Greek word for pancakes, and, according to Sephardic cook and author Jennifer Abadi, tiganitas is related to the word for "fried." Masa Tiganitas is also a dish enjoyed by Italian Jews during Passover.

In Sternberg'...


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