JFS Orlando announces changes to its counseling program


JFS Orlando's Counseling, Growth and Development Program provides individual, couples, family and group mental health counseling in a trusting, reassuring and healing atmosphere. Their clinical therapists help clients cope with major life problems in a timely and effective manner and guide people through major life transitions.

Recently, JFS made some changes in their counseling program. These changes were made for several reasons, but overall to ensure the health of the program for the longterm. Therapists will now have a more predictable paycheck and the agency will now have a more predictable payroll, helping with budgeting and financial forecasting. This new system will get new clients in quicker and more efficiently. Also, the program has switched to Electronic Medical Records, which hosts their HIPPA compliant telehealth platform to securely perform telehealth sessions and stores files safely and digitally on the cloud.

There are also some new faces on the counseling team. JFS gives a warm welcome to new counselors, Tania S. Gorham, MS, LMFT-QS and Jean-Ann Moses, MA.

All of these changes are helping JFS Orlando's counseling program be more efficient, sustainable, and available to take on the growing needs of the community without delays.

To schedule a telehealth appointment with a specialized JFS counselor, call 407-644-7671 or visit https://bit.ly/jfscounselingapptform. Medicare, Medicaid, and almost all insurances are accepted. Sliding scale available for those who do not have insurance or have an insurance not accepted.


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