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By Nicky Blackburn
editor ISRAEL21c 

Remember: There is more to Israel than conflict


Iron domes on the left protect the citizens below as missiles on the right shower over them.

In these last few difficult days in Israel, there is a moment that I cannot shake. I'm sitting on the sofa talking to my husband who is abroad on a work trip, and suddenly, unexpectedly, the siren goes off. It's nearly 9pm, and the only sound we can hear is that awful rising and falling wail.

My middle son and I start to run for the shelter, and as we go by the window, we see not one, not two, but five, six, seven missiles heading in our direction. Bright lights streaking through the sky from the south. One goes "boom" as the Iron Dome hits it.

"Shit," says my son.

"Quick," I say.

We run to...

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