Tell Ben & Jerry's to reject hate, reject BDS


Ben & Jerry’s is trying to appease a global campaign of hate called BDS, by cutting ties with its factory in Israel. Extremists are already celebrating this decision and demanding that the company use its socially conscious brand to harm Israelis even further.

Urge Ben & Jerry’s to oppose hate, strengthen its ties with Israel, and support peace.

The company says they will find a different way to sell in Israel and suggest their decision is driven by opposition to Israeli policy in the West Bank. However, it’s clear they are responding to pressure from the antisemitic Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions movement. 

The real-life impact of BDS is to spread dehumanizing propaganda about Israelis and promote injustice. In fact, the campaign against Ben & Jerry’s labels the location of their Israeli factory as a “settlement,” when it is in fact an internationally recognized part of Israel. It’s clear this isn’t really about Israeli settlements, but about opposing Israel’s existence. 

Furthermore, the most recent push targeting Ben & Jerry’s began when the racist terrorist group Hamas launched a massive 4,000+ rocket assault against Israel, with horrific consequences for Israeli and Palestinian civilians alike. As such, the company’s decision signals to Hamas that starting wars and committing crimes against Israeli and Palestinian civilians pays off, because companies around the world will respond by blaming and harming only Israel.

Companies can make a difference by bringing Israelis and Palestinians together. On the other hand, this destructive agenda is bad for Ben & Jerry’s and can only harm efforts to achieve a better future. 

Email Ben & Jerry’s Now! Urge them to reject hate, reject BDS, and do what they can to uplift Israelis and Palestinians alike. 

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